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Since grading approaches differ in different areas of the planet, we will first need to work through some of the methods that different nations and universities utilize their grading method to invent a student’s GPA.

Two main university University of Florida – UF GPA Calculator and Louisiana State University – LSU GPA Calculator has their approach to calculate GPA.

Listed below are typical ways grades are quantified throughout the entire world:

  • A-F: in the Usa, Canada, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, etc..
  • 1-10: in the Netherlands, Colombia, Latvia, Israel, etc..
  • 1-5: in Germany, Austria, Russia, Slovakia, Paraguay, etc..
  • Percentage: in Kuwait, Belgium, Hungary, Poland, etc..

You can find other common procedures that universities utilize to be able to assess and score pupils. However, so as to produce these grades translatable — which is, readable to other nations and universities — that they will often make use of an averaging score method.

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